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Related article: Date : Wed, June 26, 2011 21 41st 59 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 21 n With Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - broken tears 21 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Hello everyone, I know it's a long time have not been updated, but I was so busy GRADUATION with my homework! But now I am, and completed FULLY DONE Well, I'll take a few months, maybe more, before applying for universities! Y THINGS, so I'll have more time to write Please, send to: andrewgay41 hotmail. com ------------------------- --------------- --- -------------------------------- --------------- --- ---------- Summary - last chapter, Ty and Tom realized that their relationship was more of a lie like everything else, so decided that part. Caleb also asked Ty if they could talk privately about what happened a long time Jeff. Brandon is finally cutting the facade but tyrant over Ty hides his feelings. -------------------------------------------- - ----------------------------- ---- ****** ************ ***** starting from scratch - Chapter 21 ********************* ** \\ \\ n [ is Ty POV] I returned to the school gates with a smile on my face. I've never seen a as a welcome respite. It was great and perfect. I to my locker and opened it to get my books to do my homework and put the letter to s. It was the same letter in red and black, the rapist sent. I took her in myThe hands and read. Also sent him away ? WHO the hell you think you are ? Well, I have no choice but to reduce his sentence. Start counting the days, with 30 going to die, , and will be a terrible death. However, before I go to visit one last time and take what belongs to me, baby... I love you. : D My hands were shaking badly... What the hell is wrong with this creep ? What is the I love you ? That was always very, very strange. I stuffed the letter in my box of rage and began to walk to the n from the school hall. I turn around and pushed hard in someone. I dodged a few steps and saw Brandon muscled chest lay on his shirt. I looked and looked at me with a sexy confident smile. He started walking toward me, and I instinctively was backwards until my back hit the box office. He put his hands on my ​​arms, bowed his head and rubbed his cheek with his nose and took a touch my neck. " You smell sogood, baby. "He said, and slowly absorbed into the neck. " Brandon B "that moved a little, and he looked at me. " What baby? You may already broke Tom. "I said with a worried smile. " But not to rush into a relationship. "I said, more than a whisper. " I know I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm not even willing to come, out. "He told us a little nervous. " Why go then kiss me in the middle of the hallway at school? "I asked, raising with the eyebrow. He moved the hair from his eyes and looked at it. " Because there's nobody here, and wanted badly to kiss you... "He said, kissed me on the lips. Moaned and toes, so I kissed him n. I returned to my senses and pushed him gently. " B - Brandon What should we do ? "I asked, looking puzzled me. " What do you mean ? "He asked, still missing, his lips on mine, which, as I moved my ​​face to one side. " Now do not... And I want to catch someone not only friend. "I sHelp her down and blushed. " Ohh... I do not want to date a man... " She said she took her hands and put in his pockets. " I'm sorry. " He said trying to comfort me. " No, do not worry.... I think I understand. " I said, and looked tears in his eyes. He tried to touch my face, but it took me aside. "I Brandon really like, but I am not the solution so you do not deserve. " I said as she took his face in my hands. " So what do we do?" Asked a little confused. " Thou wilt keep him in dating Dina and then realize its gay, if it is too late, , and I'll try to live my life, someone who can make me happy to comply. I \\ \\ n, I know I'm in high school, but I feel what I felt with Jeff over again... There is Sexy Preteens pain, but love. " he said he looked surprised. " B, but I'm not gay, just curious. " He 's afraid. ", said In all, this is what you have? And yes, you can fulfill your curiosity of many other guys. " I said, looking into her eyes. Vio a disturbing realityd angry. " But I do not think you go out Sexy Preteens with someone else... " he said, his nostrils a little. " But I want to be happy. I want you to know today. I never went to an appointment with anyone other than Jeff. " I said with a sad smile. " Well, if you find it in with a guy, I'll break all damn teeth. " He said, hitting Sexy Preteens the box. With his fist to the side my ​​face and hit a slight dent at the box office do. " can not! You're out of Dina... I do not like, but I fight for you. If it makes you happy, then I will continue my best s to try to be happy to be for both. "I said, when he was still angry and is a bit sad. " B -b -but you're mine. " Cry more than anything else. It reminded me a in possession of a small child to take his toy. "I am not Brandon... If we were out, I would be yours. " I said when he saw a sad and angry. " But we can not date because I'm not gay !" I cried. "What are you? Are so confused, Brandon.. No one can say that no gay and go to my claim, as you and stuff. I do not know if You are struggling with their sexuality, but I'm not ready to be thrown a along, I will tolerate you and Dina groping each other for lunch, , and you have to do with me of whom I want. "He told me more like a message ". I- I -.. I " could not speak, so I took my chance and walked away I heard a the crackling loud bang and some like me turn the corner direction in the parking lot of the school. I had to go to meet Caleb in the Coffee Ben, and almost always too late. I thought, I stood up or something. [Brandon POV] " ahhhhhhhhhh "I cried in the empty hallway. I was away from drilling a loose random angry to think Ty and everything he told me. can not be the image other children with him cause it makes me mourn... And I never cry. I do not know how I feel. Ty I feel great, I perfect for him. I think I love him, but I can not fucking gay. , my parents kill me if I said I'm gay... Damn I was going to kill you! I know I my ​​parents, and they are accepting of gay rights, but when I turned gay, , you lose. I kept hitting the loose, and the door sank deeper in the box. I was able to look in the closet, many books and stuff. Once again, punches and a letter fell out. It was red and black, so I picked it up, and my curiosity got the better of me. Also sent him away ? WHO the hell you think you are ? Well, I no choice but to reduce his sentence. Start counting the days before in 30 who will die a horrible death and will be. S before, however, that you visit again and take what belongs to me, baby... I love. : D n I read... What the hell is that? I looked at the cupboard, and looked into a picture of Ty Li and hugging each other. This is Ty box n... What the fuck? Who would write a note like this to... It was fricking pale as a ghost when I met himin the hallway... The rapist fucking. It must be for him. I swear I will never forget his terrible Mask of the Phantasm (you know, the films Scream ). He was in Ty n screamed and tried to move, while I... never forget it. I hit the hell out of him, but then I was not built. No weak more plump side, however, and changed that day my ​​life. Ty ran away crying, and broke my heart completely. I ran and ran to catch, but he was in the audience, so I sing n, for him. Then he went to the airport, and I was there, before he could leave. I tried to stop him leaving and told him I loved le... But he was gone... And why did he leave? Because I am too cowardly to protect ! And I said that would not happen again, so that Busted my ass in the gym. When Ty came back, she might like and I think that I'm hot and I was able to protect all school punk that dare attempt, and hurt him. And also, in a year that had one of the best undetected bodies in the school, and was not the children. I Dina began, because I am a football player and is a cheerleader. Naturally we get older, but I could never forget Ty. was swimming in my head all day. I would look at his locker away and looking at the table, usually sat in and sigh. I missed him, and his return... I swear to God, opening the mouth. It looked so sexxxxxy, , and for the first time, wanted to disappear and the world just for me, and Ty be there together. But when things have really turned messy. When he left, I think I have a crush on him. When I , like others close to him gives me the breakdown of their teeth, until n left alone... Perhaps the fear that he would get abused, but above all, I do not want people that are with him, I... But hey, it worse... Teasing. When he started the joke, blew my mind. Iwanted more. I often masturbated thinking of how our sessions learned more jokes of teasing, and little by little I began to want more. I away from him to crush. It was very dangerous, but after the wedding , who had sex, and it was... perfect. Nothing compared to Dina. Loved it. I wanted more, but not with another person, with Ty. I wanted more with Ty. And now the bastard wants to hurt again... Well, I 'm not going to let that happen. I take care of Ty, even if I have to stay out of the game to do so. I know he does not want anything from me. I s simply can not be gay.. I simply can not and this is the end. He wants no matter what is much I do not care much how the tears apart with Ty I only can not gay... was relaxed once the soil as a tear rolled my eyes and I muttered some unkind words for me. I saw Ty on his sweater now wrinkle free, and I took it out and smelled it... It smells a le n, s sweet but dangerousexy, and the Sexy Preteens combination of both led to s not perfect. I took the jersey, put it in my backpack, and I went to my car, thinking. [ Ty POV] n I found the parking lot and the car looks Li. is Jermz Keep your hand on it, and on tiptoe to kiss him. He blushed and returned the kiss, and his lips moved and read " I love you. " They did the same, , and they kissed again. Jermz went to Trevor, smiling like the cat of Alice in Wonderland. I looked at them and smiled and waved Jermz. Trev gave me a wink and ran toward me sexy. " Sup, hot meal. " I felt his hand up and down my ass, and I refused. " hands off" scolded me in a serious tone. " But you do not belong to anybody. " She said, pouting like a child and tried to in the ass to pack again. I reached in and began to laugh again with it. " Well, nope. But, but... " I said trailing off. " Oohhh stay away. Brandon Yes, I'm better. I like my teeth, you know. " He s saida slight smile. "How are you and Cale? Still nothing ? " I asked, trying to change problem in a not so subtle. " Now we have to move to a second appointment tomorrow... Thanks for the theme of the way... And so, he's cute. A little depressed, but it was. In some way in the hope that he would speak with him. I bet he still feels guilty for what he did. " Trev said softly. " Wow, I never really cared Cale... " I thought it was fun. " Well, when all was, I always saw most of it. Therefore,... I never said I was too busy looking for someone who never give up dos bothers me more because he was too busy looking at Jeff... "He said, a little angry... He realized what he said and looked at me. " Well, it seems that everyone knew but me. " I said something insulting. E n Caleb does not like now I feel that I have heard this, but I knew I had to go on with it. "Sorry... I thought I knew. It was a long time, and often winked at Jeff for him, but hey, everythingchanged dramatically when the na left, and that has changed. Cale had his first suicide attempt began drinking Jeff as there is no tomorrow, and so ceased to be happy. It was also expelled from the team... Triste. " He said he hugged me. His face in the chest, and for a second I thought I should get back at Cale n with Trev get only what you could feel what I felt then, the feeling with heartbroken, literally, to feel pity for a of his friend and love to kiss... I wanted to see how much it hurts , but I 'm not. I could never to go that. Cale that are more depressed than you already know what he did, I sure think that deserve it, and nobody deserves to know that.. I smiled and shook Trev terrible thoughts my head ( I'm not perfect... Everyone has thoughts of my s at least once... sorry. ) " Thanks, Trev. I will take Sexy Preteens Cale Ben -cafeteria a few... I wants to hear his version of events. I haveforgave him, but want to know what led him to do what he did for me. This is the only way that You can start from scratch. "I said and kissed him on the cheek. Trev hugged me fixed. N " You are the one who cares know, Ty... I wish I had a chance of ever n to me, but I do not know, well, now I Cale, and I would like to develop things with Cale. So I guess their loss. "He said, finishing n with his humor. " Well, it's their loss, sir, because you see I'm the best place around. "He said, , as we move into the embrace. N " with a donkey as juicy as they bet. "I said with a wink and open my ​​ass. I grimaced and ambiguous in the face. He looked at me stunned. " Hands off, "said the ever- threatening. He seemed surprised but then smiled. "God, how I like it rough... Slap me again. "He said his other cheek. I smiled and gently slapped. " Mmmmmm " she moaned, sexual, and I laughed. Li River and Jeremy look at Trev with disgust. " You are SICK MAN! Sexy Preteens SICK! " Jermz said only brought more laughter n us. " Well, you saw the handcuffs in my room. Did you really think I wanted to is a cop ? "I said with a grin. I smiled and went to Li saying a farewell Jermz and Trev. I went to Li, the car... I felt a par eyes behind me. I became so fast as I could and saw a dark shadow hide behind a tree. I swallowed hard and opened the car door slowly. I sat and I looked back and saw nothing. Li sat in the driver's seat, and smiled. she started the engine ( which was kind of waiting to explode ot so), and we started talking. realized my stupidity. " What is it? "She asked casually. " You know, there's something wrong... You always know. "I said with a smile on it. She smiled back and took my hand. " Do you want to talk about it? "She asked softly and reassuringly rubbing up and down my ​​hand. " Well, later at home. I have to take Cale to Ben for the first time... So let's talk about. "I said smiling hthat. She smiled, but his smile was empty and concerns. " Ok", said turning the wheel in the parking lot of Ben. " Something I wanted to address you here?" I asked with the same casual tone asked me before. " Yes.. Home. " She smiled and kissed my cheek. I got out and looked back discomfort. I walked into the cafe, and it was almost empty, a few booths with couples, and only one with a large group of friends eating hamburgers and the like. Cale saw in one of the stands occupied , and looked out the window. I approached him and sat down. It s was deep in thought, because I was not even a seat in front of n it. " The sky looks good. " I said with a smile and a look at the orange sky. He was surprised, then looked at me and smiled. It s the look of the old Cale, but he looked different, more mature, adult, , but not the good maturation. The one I 've been through, the maturity forced. The orange light struck him in the face perfectlyand he smiled shiny and stretched his gold locks him in the surf rarely n Canada, but abundant in Cali. He reminded me that one hundred for the first time in Logan Zoe It s looking really good, and above all... Healthy and beautiful. "I thought it would never come... " He said, still smiling. " I said I would. I promised you. " He told me he smiled, and even smiled in general. " I miss you... " He said his eyes were watering. " I know... I miss you too. " I always said, with tears in his eyes a bit now. "Sorry.... I was... " He sighed and looked embarrassed at the table. Ben came to greet us and asked if we wanted something to drink. We asked some hot chocolate, it was cold, and some buns cinnamon. " How did you feel ? I promise I will not judge. I've already taken, but need to know why he did it... I know Jeff has as much to blame as... do even more, since I was in a relationship with me... Well, we had a friendship , but... go alone. " he said, shaking it, the sudden anger came over me. " Well, I was jealous.... You came here and had it all. I remember that wondered how all the guys who are hot for you, as I hot... but I know why. they were sexy, they were cute, adorable n, , and always put others before you, even those who hurt you... I found in the day that are in the cafeteria told me that I still cared... cried that night, and I changed Sexy Preteens for you... I thought it was hurting. I I want it back, and all thank you, and I know I messed up by Jeff, well, we were talking one day and he was very angry that not, or something, and he looked at me with eyes and sex \\ \\ n was not right. even a first date, and he had shot and n me... Then I got scared. I wanted to leave her and tell, but , said sex was hot and not want to risk what he and that... so I 'd fall in love with cute presents what I think will be attended. I found it hard to Ty... hard, and iftold me he never would, , and wanted to leave me, I felt good... Then I thought, finally, , it would be better than you at something, but then we saw, and look in your eyes... The look I will never Sexy Preteens forget. She looked confused, sad and in denial. She shook her head like a dream and that to wake up, because it hurt too much... Then Jeff and I collapsed. that both knew that they love even more, and I knew I lost you, , and that was the worst mistake of my life. "He said, moreover, was wines a good flow of tears running down his cheeks... He was broken. 'S tears had broken. I held his hand and smiled, despite my own face s decorated with tears. not so much like him, but enough to show my feelings. " I hurt so much... It was horrible. I wanted to go... And because the day... I have fear of the rain... Why? Because every time it rains a little bad happens... The day she was raped and discover for yourself and Jeff... That s is raiNing. The day my mother died, it was raining. The day I found myself sick, it rained... I do not go when it rains, but despite that The pain was terrible, I Cale. They were absorbed in, and Jeff 's fault. Both were absorbed by lust and envy, and then dared to accept the consequences, so it was, together with that... I feel violated. But sometimes, I thought, what have I done? Was it because of my s ? But thanks to you, now I know it was not. " I got out of the stand, and we hugged and cried on my shoulder. We sat feedback down, and I grabbed a cinnamon roll and began. " So... I know it's asking too much, but... Do not lie Can we be friends again? " The asked many hopes, and nodded and smiled. He looked so happy, and that I was with a smile.. I still I have some resentment in it, but he was my best friend, and I never stopped nursing it. he has to make a mistake, but I know we can regain what he had. It is to be easy, however, but possible. I know it is. " will take some time, but I think we can be as close as us. " I smiled and said with his mouth full of cinnamon rolls. I have tried suppress laughter, but it was impossible. I laughed at his own expense to realized what he was doing and began to laugh. A few heads turned to us, and we laughed and laughed like old friends... Amigos. After a nice chat and even catchin ', I had to go to dinner. I went from Ben -brown and Cale took leave of his way to his car. I the way to my house and I felt a pair of eyes on me over again. I turned around and saw a coat behind a tree, which was on the sidewalk slip n. I went a little faster. "Paranoid. You become paranoid. " I I said as I slowed my pace a bit. Each step of becoming a feared Run n, trying to catch my ears at least one branch breakage, and that would be enough for me to run. I started coming to my house and I feltas a warm blanket was suddenly thrown on me. I smiled and ran happy with my House. I opened the door with my key and smiled at the smell of pizza. " I'm home. " I said aloud. " Listen, my son. Dinner in a few. I have a call. " It s, he said, and nodded my way and went directly to the lis s bedroom. She was sitting on her bed in the Indian style, and looked at one the image of both Jeremy and a broad smile as he shared an Eskimo kiss n. They looked cute together, and I went and sat beside me in bed n. "Are you talking about? " I asked, as she smiled and nodded. She was breaking with " You first... " She said as she looked at me. " The rapist... He gave me a death sentence than a month.... I think he should talk about it with my father... Strangely, I'm so scared. I think before Sexy Preteens he called a big fuss about him. "I said quietly, but looked surprised. " We say to your father, and that's it! " Said annoyed. " Li.. I do not wantDo not worry. Give me 15 days, and if I have no idea, then it says... "I asked. His eyes wandered suspicious, and she nodded. " ok, but 15 days from tomorrow... "She said. I smiled and hugged her. " You are in tune. " " Now... Ty I'm afraid. I do not know what to do... I have spoken Jeremy on him and tells him he can make it through, but I'm fear. "They said they fear. " Li, you're scaring me... What is happening ? "He hugged me and put her head in the chest, and she let out a sigh " I- I -. I am pregnant. "She said, and I felt like icy water poured about me. I felt like burning my skin, my bloodshot eyes wide, and was hugged think of something to say... something a friend told him to. But the only thing I did was tell him how stupid was and how it ruined his future. I decided to keep quiet and keep wait until it was necessary for me speak. [? POV] The ladder moves down a littlepeople onto their suitcase. I looked around and took a deep breath in my lungs, fresh of Air Canada. It was slightly cool, and I got off the escalator and was Sexy Preteens at the door. My taxi was waiting with a sign with my name s in it, and got on with a smile on my face. I looked through the car window and smiled to myself. N " Long time no see, Ty... Long time no see. " I muttered to myself as n slid warm cotton gloves on my hands. I hope he has not forgotten the upon me, because he's never out of my head. I smiled to myself, that the cabin slow compared to a very nice, very elegant hotel. Tomorrow I'm going to see Ty again, and I hope he is as surprised as I want it. here I come. ========================================= === =========================== ====== The next chapter will be up sooon ! Hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading andI hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Aphrodite and the curse. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thank you, Stephen, for editing. You are awesome! N HOPE CHAPTER marked. Stick around because things are going to be Steam About the author Well, hello ! I, Andy. I am the author of this story, and I hope it taste so far. In most of the emails that seem to want to know about me, , like my age, hobbies, etc. Now, I have 18 years, I like to write, as you can imagine me, I love poems and songs, and also to express by words. I want to be a doctor, my favorite color is blue, which looooove Ice is my favorite film of a soft and my favorite t. v. show, friends! : D I love Chandler, and yes, I kind of have a sense of humor, and that sarcastic wit. : D Well, that's me, and if you have more Do not ask me please e -mail n Love, Andy
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